Toronto Blue Jays Song – An Online Recording Collaboration With Jays Fans


LOOK UP, LOOK WAY UP: The Thrilling (And Massive) Online Song Collaboration With Blue Jays Fans Around The World

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Here’s the story:

As you’ll hear in the video above, I invited Toronto Blue Jays fans all over the world to record themselves on their mobile phones – singing, yelling or chanting the chorus lyrics of this new Blue Jays anthem.

When I mixed the song and played it back through the main monitors for the first time with all those voices people sent in – the hair stood up on the back of my neck. It was a feeling I’ll never forget.

Toronto Blue Jays Song Look UP Download
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I’d like to give you something special as my thanks for stopping by today

I was pretty psyched when graffiti artist, Asher contacted me and said he was making some street art based on this “Look Way UP” project. But, even cooler than that is this:

We have now taken some of the images he created and made this Custom Graffiti-Art Lyrics and Songbook just for the “Look Way UP” song project.

And it’s yours FREE today. 

Just click the book below now to download your copy:

Toronto Blue Jays Song LOOK WAY UP limited edition songbook
LIMITED Edition (With HD Song, Recording Session & Commentary Audio)
Lyric Book WITH Audio

The full audio version is a limited edition and only available for a short time. You must pop your email in the box below to reserve a download spot

That’s all there is to it.

Sign in now and make sure you’re able to get your full HD audio-included copy:

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You’re doing it! The Blue Jays song is climbing the U.S. chart. Keep it going:

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