The Viral Music Player – How it works and Who’s Using It

Finding Your Fans.

Recently I’ve been talking about a tool for musicians called the Viral Music Toolkit and music player.

As you’ve heard me say many times,

“…this is a new music industry and it is largely unmapped territory”

Every so often a tool will capture my interest, especially when a new tool or technique is going to be useful for indie musicians to navigate, adapt and provide an new opportunity to thrive in music’s new landscape.

Let’s start this off with a short video from musician, Dean Fields explaining how he is using the Viral Music Player:

So, How Exactly Does The Viral Music Player Work?

Scroll to bottom of page to watch how to set up The Viral Music Tool

The short answer is that The Viral Music Player focuses and defines that moment of online interaction between listener and songwriter/recording artist.

Hear major label artist, John Oszajca, creator of The Viral Music Toolkit, talk about the tool and “going viral” with your songs, videos or performances. Listen here…

What do I mean by, “focuses and defines that moment of interaction between a listener and your song”?

Look at it like this: Most of the time when you bump into someone in everyday life, you say something like,

“Hey, nice to see you. We should get together sometime.” And then you both go on your way, with no real expectation that you will actually get together.

But if you “focus and define” that moment and instead you say,

“Hey, nice to see you. I’m having a barbecue on Saturday at 1 o’clock. Why don’t you come by then and we’ll catch up more then. So you’ll come right? Great. See you on Saturday at 1 o’clock then.”

This is what the Viral Music Player strives to do – it turns a fleeting, almost meaningless encounter and gives it purpose and clarity.

In other words, the moment now has been given the chance of becoming a relationship because the Viral Music Player creates actual engagement between the listener and your music.

“Where there is engagement, there is also meaning.”

Here’s a shot of the VMT on an idie musician’s site (with my added notation showing what’s happening on that page during an interaction of a listener with a musician’s song page.)

Viral music player

The important thing to remember is

Use the Viral Music Tool to give your listeners much more than they were expecting. Their positive (and motivated) response when they realize this, will be the spark for the tool so it can better ignite the viral chain reaction you so desire for your music. Believe me, there are very few things that are as exciting.

Yes, I know, you are initially using the tool to enlist them to make your music go viral, but when your goal and intentions are positive, and you set up the tool in a way that gives back even more than they have given to you (by spreading your music far and wide) – then this becomes a very powerful tool indeed.

Watch The Viral Music at Work on a Song’s Page

You can download your Viral Music Toolkit here

That’s it for now. All my best to all of you. Here’s to getting your music heard. “Let’s Find YOUR fans. They’re out there.”

Owen Critchley
LouDtHud recording artist/producer