Being a songwriter – I hated to admit it – but I wasn’t a very good piano player. The thing is, I KNEW I should be a better player. This piano/keyboard learning method we’re discussing in the video below, is ingenious. Listen, if you want to play piano and keyboard, you can do this.

This article (and the video below) is from a sit-down with loUdThUd recording artist, Owen Critchley as he tells the story about how one of the best online piano courses came to his rescue when he no longer had access to his long time piano player/keyboardist. – as transcribed by staff writer Alane McLeod.

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Critchley continues,

” Look – I won’t deny it – when my long-time piano/keyboard player and I went our separate ways, the truth about my weak piano playing was exposed. I had relied on him way too much. I knew I had to get on top of this, so I tried the local piano coach. I just couldn’t learn much at all that way. It didn’t help matters when I realized that with the piano teacher looking over my shoulder as I played, I could literally feel him breathing on my neck. Um… no. There was no way [laughs]. I knew I had to find a good online piano course. I found a great one. I believe it is THE perfect way to learn to play piano. This unique method has been WAY faster and a lot more convenient – a total gas actually. Robin’s online teaching method is ingenious. “

” Soon after getting this course, I was able to actually play the piano parts myself for this song I had to record.
Here – I’ll play some of the track for you… ”

Hear Critchley tell the rest of the story in the video below – and hear the song he recorded soon after he started using the Piano For All method.

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Critchley continues,

“This method to learn piano has audio and video embedded right in the digital book – so I can just click the button and listen and literally see the teacher and the lesson that goes with the section I’m reading. Here’s how it looks…”

piano tutorial with video - Piano for All

“I can run these lessons on my iPad, my computer or laptop. This means I can travel and have the lessons with me wherever I am.”

Critchley continues,

” The thing is – when I click to see the video that goes with the lesson, (embedded right in the book) it shows 2 keyboards – one showing him playing the notes and the other keyboard color-highlighting the notes he is playing real-time. So, for the first time, I was able to see what someone is showing me without their fingers being in the way. It’s a really clever way of making things very clear and very easy to understand – and more importantly – very easy for me to play myself.”

showing notes on the keyboard

You know, it was tough losing access to my my keyboard player… “

” But like so many things in life – when a door closes like that – another door opens. It caused me to play piano and keyboard myself and now I can record my own piano parts instead of always relying on someone else.

This piano method has added a valuable layer to my abilities as a songwriter, so I’m really thankful that I found it, and that I can now tell you about it.

“If you want to play, I’m telling you – you can do this.”

“If someone you know has wanted to play piano or keyboard, you should tell them about Robin’s method. Life is short and it’s the things you don’t do that you’ll regret. “

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