…” I’m telling you, the song wouldn’t have been recorded and released if I hadn’t used one of the vocal tips in this guy’s singing method. I was convinced the song was just too friggin’ high [laughs] “

This article is from a sit-down with loUdThUd recording artist, Owen Critchley discussing one of the world’s top vocal coaches, Aaron Anastasi, and his vocal training method – as transcribed by staff writer Alane McLeod. [NOTE: JUNE 13th, 2014 We are able to offer a special price for the unique singing course and tips by top vocal coach, Aaron Anastasi. Click here to gain access or click today’s coupon below ]

Critchley continues,

” But I did end up recording the song and releasing it. That song has done well for me. It’s kinda been used all over the place – so, I look at it this way: just one of his singing tips, changed my whole year.”

Click “play” on the video below to Watch and Listen to Owen Critchley discussing the “head-voice” tip that enabled him to record the song “We Are the Stars Tonight.”

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Critchley continues,

“this concept of “head-voice”… THAT was the tip that saved me with the recording and performing of this song. I had heard of this technique, but I had never had it explained to me in a way I could understand and use… “

Basically there is this kind of “gap” between your normal singing voice and your high range or falsetto. Most people make an awkward leap across this gap which freaks listeners out – and not in a good way – because it sounds like a whole other chipmunk-sized person has suddenly taken over the high notes of a song.

Long story short – top vocal coach, Aaron Anastasi has this program called Superior Singing Method which is the cutting edge method he has developed.

” Just one of the tips about this head-voice technique, is so clearly explained and demonstrated in his method, that I was finally able to easily create a bridge – a totally natural sounding “transition” – between my normal voice into a very high range I had never been able to access before… “

“I’m now able to have a full natural sounding tone for the high notes and they are just as comfortable to sing as the lower notes.”

” There are so many things in Aaron’s method that are so clearly explained and taught, that… listen – if you want to sing, and sing well, you can. “

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