A Song About Escape – A Song Promotion Showing How to Market a Song Using the “Getting Heard Gold List Method”

song about escapeby Owen Critchley
Warner/LoudThud recording artist

Song: “Taste An Escape”

This page is a real time test song promotion targeting the phrase “song about escape” as described in The Getting Heard GOLD LIST music promotion method.


What’s on this page?

  • About the song Taste An Escape
  • Listen to Taste An Escape
  • Licensing and Download of Taste An Escape
  • Owen Critchley Song Giveaway

About the song:
Sometimes a songwriter doesn’t write a song. Sometimes a song just goes ahead and writes itself. Sometimes I just go along for the ride.

“Taste An Escape” is one of those songs.

I was on the road listening to a typical regional news cast on the radio and I began to make up headlines of my own. I don’t know why. Maybe to break the boredom of driving.

“I actually ended up writing ‘Taste An Escape’ as an imagined “breaking news” story.”

For some reason, I imagined very clearly, the headline, “Teenagers of the World Became Self Aware at 2:10pm Today. More at 6.”

Listen to Owen Critchley’s “Taste An Escape”

song about escape

I liked that idea, so I began to expand on the idea implied in my mock headline. Again, at this point I was just messing around. I certainly didn’t think I was writing a song.

A surreal story unfolded and the narrative ended up sounding a lot like lyrics to me; lyrics to a song about escape.

Licensing Information and Updates

“Taste An Escape” licensed for “Roadtrip Nation” – (RoadTrip Nation is a show covering the travels of 20-somethings as they live and travel in buses and go from town to town across the US (and Australia) finding and documenting conversations with people of interest. This song about escape fit the idea of young people hitting the highways perfectly.)

how to market a song

License or download “Taste An Escape” here. (Special version mastered by the legendary Brian Gardner (No Doubt, Red Hot Chilli Peppers etc)

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