The Simple Recording Home Studio Methods That Fooled Some of the Best Ears in the Business

simple home recording studioby Owen Critchley
Warner/LoudThud recording artist
Author of Easy Home Recording Blueprint

Two years ago I tore down the out-of-control beast that was my home recording studio. “There has GOT to be a simpler way!” I said.

My old studio? $35,000… Tearing it down? Priceless. Then I developed a simple home recording studio method that you may have heard of. More on that in a minute. Here’s the rest of the story…

You see, I wanted to change the very way I thought about recording. So I decided to simplify everything about the process. And then I simplified it again.

Then, I put my new methods to the ultimate test:¬† Without telling any of the producers, labels and music directors that I work with, that I had dismantled my old setup or that I was using methods and equipment that are a fraction of the work and price, I recorded 5 new songs…

When I played the new songs, NOT ONE of them could tell I had changed my studio or the way I was recording. They were so surprised at how simple I had made the recording process and how cheap the whole system is, that they suggested I write it all down and create this site.

You see, these guys see the talent that is out there…

But, as much as they need fresh songs from great new artists, they can’t use a lot of the recordings that are sent to them. As good as so many of the songwriters are out there, when it comes to getting their songs recorded, too often they have very little understanding of what makes a good recording.

Bands and songwriters cripple themselves financially (and creatively) because over and over they are sucked into buying the next “must have” magic studio toy. They end up not having any time for recording new songs, because they are too busy trying to pay everything off. Or… they don’t really know how to use the stuff, or which equipment they actually need… so they buy all of it.

Worst of all, most musicians and recording enthusiasts, are notorious for not asking the simple, crucial questions about how to effectively use their home recording studio.

How do I know this? Hey… it takes one to know one!

I used to be the poster boy for jumping in over my head and telling myself (and everyone else) that “I can do it myself. I’ll figure it out.”

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