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How to Market a Song in the New Music Industry

The Secret Is...

Knowing Exactly What Kind of Songs and Music Fans are Looking For.

In my “Musician’s Blueprint to Getting Heard by Thousands,” we talk about how to thrive in what we call the “new music industry.”

We cover unique new music marketing techniques and learn about how to take advantage of the unprecedented opportunities that exist for indie musicians for promoting their songs and music directly to thousands of new fans, without having to form an oppressive so-called “partnership” with a typical record label.

Screw that.

Easy Home Recording Blueprint's Promotion for Music Guide

A simple, powerful and free method of promotion for music that even the big labels haven’t really figured out yet.

While labels are throwing money blindly at their promotions, you can quietly be gathering thousands of new fans and listeners… And you won’t have to spend a dime on advertising.

Listeners and music fans will literally have no choice but to find your music

IF you use this simple and powerful method for getting heard.

You can do this simply by knowing very specific, very powerful, words and phrases that very few musicians or even promoters have access to.

How many times have you filled out an online description of your songs or bio for your band?

You know, on your website, or your MySpace or Facebook page. Tons of times, right? That’s great, it’s a good thing to do.

BUT, here’s something you really should do…

Use the right words so they can act as your own personal “fan magnet”

how to market a song - from the Blueprint to Getting Heard

With access to this resource, you can be one of the few who can say to thousands of fans every month, “Hey, over here! I’ve got some music you’ll love right here.”

Make sure to read all the information on this page. If you have any questions about how this resource works, don’t hesitate to drop me a line using the “Contact” link at the bottom.


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Leading Fans Directly to Your Music

by Owen Critchley (Warner/LoudThud recording artist)
Creator of the “Easy Home Recording Blueprint” and
“The Blueprint to Getting Heard”
You’ve got the tunes.

You’re ready to upload them.

You’re ready for people to hear them.

? But promotion for music can seem like a mystery.

? Is there a way to make sure your music gets heard?

Yes! Getting heard is not just possible… It’s totally likely! If you use the simple method I’m about to tell you about.

I’d like to announce a very special new resource and very simple method that will place your songs, your music, head and shoulders above the thousands of other indie songwriters, musicians and bands out there.

“The Getting Heard GOLD LIST

how to promote music

How does “The Getting Heard GOLD LIST” work?

Read this very carefully because this will explain something that is going to be very cool for achieving tons of exposure for your songs and music. The best part is that 99% of musicians, songwriters and bands aren’t doing it. That’s great news for those of you who use this powerful, and very simple song promotion method.

  • Every day, millions of music fans search for new music to listen to, buy and talk about with their friends.
  • Both you and I know this to be true.
  • What you probably haven’t thought much about is HOW they are searching for new music.
  • ** This is important**: Remember, fans search the web using TEXT. I’ll say it again. They ARE searching for MUSIC LIKE YOURS with TEXT… i.e. words and phrases.
  • But the truth is, music lovers and fans are having a really hard time finding new songs and music they are looking for. Why?
  • Think about it for a second. * Hint: What do 99% of musicians and band sites look like?
  • Aha! That’s right. Musician’s sites are 90% pictures (strike 1) and audio players or widgets (strike 2) and almost no useful TEXT (Strike 3!) Totally useless for getting found and heard because, of course, all search engines like Google, Yahoo etc, search a website looking for… TEXT.
  • If your music site doesn’t have much useful text, you cannot and will not be found.
  • There’s no getting around it. You simply HAVE to know what the exact words are fans are using if you want your music heard by people other than your Mum and your buddies.
  • Ok. This is where the GOLD LIST comes in. Let’s say you add even just one of the heavily researched, powerful words and phrases in “The Getting Heard GOLD LIST” to your site. Well, suddenly it’s a whole new ball game.
  • FAST FORWARD: Imagine that music fan in Texas, or the kid with the iPod in Norway or the guy making a movie in Vancouver. Picture them and thousands of other fans searching for new music with phrases like “good summer song” or “fast rock song for a car chase scene” and tons more in the “Getting Heard GOLD LIST.” They will be sent DIRECTLY TO YOUR MUSIC, because you have simply placed a few lines of the right TEXT on your song page.
  • Things will change almost overnight as hundreds, and then thousands of new ears hear your songs. Every day and every month, from now on.

  • Now that’s powerful promotion for music. Your music.

Get Found. Get Heard. Right Now.

As I said, very soon you will have the opportunity of downloading a list of hundreds of very specific, very powerful, secret words and phrases that fans around the world really use to search for new music – The Getting Heard GOLD LIST

These phrases have been researched and tested. I call them “gold phrases” because very few musicians are including these words on their sites when they describe their own music. Owen Critchley's promotion for music guide

As soon as you start including these phrases on your websites or music pages, Google and the other search engines will immediately take notice and list your music at or near the top of their search results sending thousands of fans every month to your songs, music or your band.

Once you have access to these golden phrases, it’s as simple as choosing one and using it every time you describe one of your songs on your website or music page.

What’s so Special About The Phrases on “The Getting Heard GOLD LIST”?

A phrase can only make it on”The Getting Heard GOLD LIST” if it passes 2 very important tests: A phrase has to show that it is used at least hundreds of times a month by fans and music lovers. *Actually, most phrases on the list ended up showing THOUSANDS of actual fan-searches per month! That’s because after the extensive research to went into The GOLD LIST, I went through it again and hand picked the phrases that would be absolute most useful to you.
Here’s the important 2nd test for a phrase to be on “The GOLD LIST”: Each phrase has to show amazingly low competition. “Low competition” is a good thing. A very good thing. It means there are very few sites using these very special phrases to describe their “content” (i.e. music). It means every time you include one of these phrases on a page of your site(s) your song will very quickly vault to the top of search results for that phrase, and more importantly, you will scoop up most of the fans who use one of these phrases to search for new music.

free music promotion

This is Exactly What You’ll be Doing
Once You Have the Getting Heard GOLD LIST

* Just imagine. Let’s say you have a love song. Pretty common topic. For anyone else, another love song would just get buried out there, un-found and un-listened to.

Not you though. Your song won’t get lost out there in a sea of other love songs.

Because you will have “The List.” And on this list you will find just the right golden fan-search phrase that matches your song perfectly.

You create some text for the page that you will create for your song(s) using using one of the golden phrases.

Suddenly, without any coaxing or pleading on your part, thousands of listeners who are entering this phrase into Google every month, will be given your site as a top choice in Google and they will start arriving to hear your song. Automatically. And many of those listeners, will then become true fans of your music.

Simply put, as far as indie promotion for music goes, there’s just nothing else like this out there for musicians and songwriters.

best way to promote music

Yes Owen! I’m ready to

“Get found, Get heard, Right now.”

   I understand that the Getting Heard GOLD LIST method has the complete backing of a 60 day money back guarantee with no risk to me.

   I know that once I put the entire GOLD LIST method into play I will see results and finally start leading listeners right to my music.

   I understand I’m getting hundreds of hand picked GOLD LIST phrases, as a one time investment and I can download it and get started right away.

   I am ready to follow your Getting Heard GOLD LIST instructions for online music promotion… Let me in!

Getting Heard GOLD LIST

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Remember, The Musician’s GOLD LIST will give you a cutting edge promotion for music technique created and ready for the 21st century music industry and audience.

You see, even if you use special software tools for finding just the right phrases, they are a bit expensive and worse, the whole process is time consuming.

This is a ready-to-use list is going to be so valuable to you. Once you take the lid off this list, you will be amazed at the results.

“I’m ready now to get my songs and music heard!”

Q&A with Owen Critchley:

“How Was the Getting Heard GOLD LIST Created?”

I used the analytic and statistics tools I described in “The Musician’s Blueprint to Getting Heard” and ran hundreds of scans and tests using hundreds of different parameters.

The GOLD LIST has been compiled and sorted specifically for musicians.

I’ve only included phrases that are “high demand” and extremely “low competition.” In other words, Google can’t find much music out there to give these fans, that matches what they are looking for because almost no musicians are using, or even know how to market a song or about this method of promotion for music. There simply isn’t any resource for musicians like The Getting Heard GOLD LIST.

Now you can give fans what they are really looking for.

Don’t forget to place your order now and take advantage of this powerful tool and start getting your music heard.

All the best,

Owen Critchley

Owen Critchley

Easy Home Recording Bluepint and
The Musician’s Blueprint to Getting Heard