Mixing Music Software – Ease of Use is Your 1st Criteria

by Owen Critchley (Warner, Capitol, Audio Socket recording artist)

The number one thing I’ve learned about recording, mixing music software is that when it comes right down to it, the only thing that really matters is that it is effortless to use and gets out of my way as I turn creative inspiration into a great record. We must make this the rule with all the tools in our home recording studio.

The holy grail of any recording artist is to create a home recording setup that captures and records our ideas exactly as we imagine them. As I often say, “We must always look for ways to shorten the distance between inspiration and realization.”

So, let me ask you this:

  • Is your recording and mixing music software staying out of your way?
  • Is it simple to use, effective and provide a quick route to the capture and recording of your ideas?

It is irrelevant how much you spend on your home studio recording software, and it also doesn’t matter what anyone else says you should spend. Because if it doesn’t work hand in hand with your creativity, then it just isn’t right for you. The bottom line is, if you can’t answer “Yes” to the questions above, then your music will never reach tape the way you imagined it.

I’m not saying expensive recording software can’t do a great job, because in an experienced engineer’s hands, they can. It’s just that for so many talented musicians and songwriters, the learning curve is so steep with these complex software packages, that the reason they bought these recording programs in the first place, i.e. their music, ends up suffering as they struggle simply to get something of value recorded.

My own answers to these questions are what led me to re-think my methods which then led to me tearing down my very expensive home recording studio and amazingly, replacing it with my new system…. based around free music recording software!

In fact, my system is so simple, and provides such a direct route to making the type of recordings I want, that I wrote a book about it so other aspiring recording artists can make the sort of records they always imagined doing.

Recording and mixing music software. Which is best for you?

Now, I happen to use the simple and brilliant Garageband recording software for Mac, but many of you use Windows based computers and Garageband is not available to you. If changing to a Mac is not in the cards for you, here is one of my home studio recording tips:

Before you get pressured by the “expert” voices on the discussion boards out there and sucked into spending $300-$600 on recording and mixing software for your music, try hard to remember your goal… to effortlessly and quickly record great sounding records.

Say it out loud. “I want to effortlessly and quickly record great sounding records.”

So, for you Windows users who don’t have access to Garageband for PC, keep it simple and try a few of the following inexpensive or even free music recording software.

The proof of the success of a simple and free computer recording system is right in front of your ears… on the radio, that movie soundtrack, on that iPod over there….

If you need answers and proof as to whether it really is possible to make great sounding recordings at home using dead simple recording software, I will be only too happy to share with you the success of my recording blueprint. A blueprint I use every day use to record music at home using free recording, mixing music software.

Just sign up for my home recording letters or grab a copy of my new book showing my exact step by step for recording my songs for movies, tv, CD release, video games etc.

Remember, when it comes to home studio recording, mixing music software…

Make it simple, make it successful.

Talk soon,

mixing music software

Owen Critchley