Learn Garageband the Right Way

learn garagebandby Owen Critchley
Warner/LoudThud recording artist
Author of Easy Home Recording Blueprint

If you would like to not only learn Garageband, but also learn how to use it (or any recording software) to easily make hit-quality recordings, I invite you to read on, explore the site, but most of all, get yourself signed up for my free home recording lessons. Do it right now, right here. And then keep reading.

learn garageband free

My free home recording lessons and my Easy Home Recording Blueprint are easy to follow and will show you exactly how to get started using the exact same simple methods I use to record songs and music for movies, tv, cd release, etc etc. And yes… I record everything I do on Garageband right at home. So, if you need a good reason to learn Garageband and how to use it properly, all the proof you could ask for is right here.

First of all… hi. My name is Owen Critchley and I have recorded, and continue to record for major labels, indie labels, have written and recorded songs for other major label artists, for almost 20 years.

However, 3 years ago, I made a change. I simplified my home recording studio drastically. I didn’t have to do it. I did it because my studio was getting to the point that it had a life of its own. I was spending more and more time looking after its problems and its needs. So I decided enough was enough. I thought to myself, there must be a simpler way… a more enjoyable way for me to record my work.

The Key to the Hidden Power of Garageband

As I began stripping down the studio, I decided I would learn Garageband and see how far I could take it. I must say it was love at first sight. But, the tools in Garageband at first glance, seemed almost too simple and I began to wonder if I would miss the bells and whistles of my big box recording software I had been using.

It turned out I needn’t have worried. The simplicity of Garageband is deceiving, because it’s actually a very powerful tool that will reward you with astonishing sound quality. However, even though it is very simple to learn Garageband and record something, I have created a step by step method for exactly how to record on Garageband, that puts Garageband’s recording quality into overdrive.

learn garageband free

Easy to follow free home recording lessons

You see, the keys to the kingdom are in the details. You will learn Garageband here, yes… but more importantly you will learn which details to focus on and the right sequence of steps to record truly impressive pro-quality recordings.

None of it is difficult, but it’s important you know the blueprint to learn Garageband properly.

What you can expect in your free home recording lessons and the Easy Home Recording Blueprint

  • How to record in Garageband – how to create the perfect (and simple) signal path in order to allow Garageband to record monster sized sound
  • How to edit in Garageband and how to remix Garageband tracks – blow your socks off editing tricks and that will shine a light on Garageband’s hidden power
  • Step by step home studio recording tips – puts you in control of the sound you want no matter what recording software you use

You see, my home recording methods are the blueprint to build hit-quality recordings at home. I have used Garageband to illustrate a very important truth:

It’s not the power of the software that will get you your great record, it’s the power of the method. And simplicity is at its core.

So, in effect, when you learn Garageband here, what you are really learning is how to re-think the very way you think about home recording. You are learning a recording process that dramatically shortens the time and distance between your moment of inspiration and your moment of capture (i.e. recording.)

All great records depend on this ability and it’s time for us to get this ability back, before any more great music gets poorly recorded by artists who are lost in a sea of cables and complicated equipment.

Sign up now for much much more… you’ll see.

“because… recording a great record doesn’t have to be rocket science…”