Get Them to Press Play – How and Why You Should Have Awesome Band and Profile Pictures

Do you have a profile picture that will get them to press your play button?

Why you can (and should) have a striking, attention grabbing profile picture as part of your plan for getting your music heard

(and how you can learn quickly how to do it yourself)

trick photography without using photoshop

by Owen Critchley
LoUdtHud producer/recording artist
autor of Easy Home Recording Blueprint and
The Blueprint for Getting Heard

The way to a listener’s ears is through their eyes.” Do you find that when you see someone’s profile picture that grabs you for whatever reason, that you are just that little bit more likely to check out their tunes? Of course. No one can help that. It’s human nature for our senses work together that way.

take your own amazing profile pictures
Taken using the methods in “Do it Yourself Trick Photography and Special Effects”

So that means it’s something we all should take seriously as part of a plan to put our music out there and getting it heard.

My thing is to simplify the process of recording so you can capture people’s ears. Evan’s thing is to show you simple methods to create a powerful image so you can capture people’s eyes.

The “Evan” I mention above, is Evan Sharboneau. I came across Evan just recently and it turned out we have a lot in common.

Just like me putting together a home recording method that lets more independent musicians do their own affordable studio quality recording, Evan has put together a simple set of creative and trick photography methods so pretty much anyone can do their own attention grabbing, really creative pictures.

The kind of pictures that can get someone to click that all important “play” button on your music and artist profile pages.

Evan mentioned this:

You see, there are a handful of simple, easy techniques that can totally transform how you use and view your camera – and they’re so quick to grasp, they’ll make a difference for you the very next time you snap a picture.

trick photography for bands

Taken using the simplified methods in Do it Yourself Trick Photography and Special Effects”

No matter who you are hoping to listen to your music, or spend time on your profile page, first you have to get them to put the brakes on and slow down so they don’t just skip past your page – Every visitor who comes to any of the sites that you have a profile is important. Whether they are:

  • a casual listener
  • a potential new FaceBook fan
  • maybe you’re gathering votes for a song contest
  • an industry professional looking for a song for their project

In fact, no matter who has your music page or band profile in front of them, if you can feed their eyes first with something striking, (edgy, beautiful, humorous etc), they are going to be way more likely to click the play button on your song.

how to make your pics go viral

Evan Sharboneau from hisDo it Yourself Trick Photography and Special Effects

Evan’s method is a favorite of mine because it shows how to use everyday things, to create attention grabbing images. That always appeals to me when someone takes the time to share their own simple and creative tricks with the rest of us. Evan admits that he has spent years figuring out these shortcuts for photo special effects, so it’s pretty cool of him to have taken the time to put it all together and share it all with the rest of us.

I love the fact that he shows how to use simple household tools like a flashlight or laser pen to create an image that is remarkable and memorable.

flashlight trick photography

click to see more of Evan’s do-it-yourself trick photography

Remember, an attention grabbing, creative profile picture or album image can get “shared” and “liked” and spread like wildfire and get your name out there even before your song is finished playing.

The image a new visitor sees on your profile is your one chance at that first impression. If you can get their heart pumping a bit faster even before they play your songs, you are already more than half way to gaining a new fan.

I’ll give you an example of what an image can do for getting your music heard:

There was an indie pop singer and her song was pretty catchy, but not exactly original or earth shattering really. But her picture actually made the song seem even better. It showed her as a gymnast on a trampoline and she was flying off that thing towards the members of her band off to the side.

They were looking really puzzled and unsure of what they were supposed to do. So here she is, hair flying behind her obviously counting on her band catching her, but they look dumber than a bag of hammers and we don’t really know if they are going to catch her or not.

It was really funny, colorful and full of energy and really got a new fan prepared for the song. The picture alone was shared and liked thousands of times – so what happened was, the second wave of visitors to this girl’s site actually came looking for her. They were already prepared and totally ready to become fans. In my opinion, without that picture this wouldn’t have happened.

Anyway, my point is, wouldn’t it be useful if you could create these kinds of pictures yourself? This is why I highly recommend grabbing Evan’s do-it-yourself Trick Photography and Special Effects guide which includes his videos showing exactly how to do all of this simply.

Creating pictures that count

Get Evan’s simple DIY Trick and Special Effects Photography guide here


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