How to Write a Good Artist Bio – A Structure That Works

how to write an artist bio

So You’re Filling Out Your Bio on a Music Site or EPK (electronic press kit)…

Writing my artist or band bio is something I have never enjoyed – probably because I never felt I was very good at it.

I always sit there – first – wondering where to start:

  • I was born in a….” no, that won’t work.

  • Let’s see… “The music started to flow when I was…. Oh man… this is bogus.

Then, I get tortured trying to figure out where and when I should mention certain things.

By sheer repetition I can finally throw one together quite quickly, but I must say, I’m never really sure if they are interesting and therefore, effective.

That’s why a post I came across the other day was of particular interest to me. It’s written by musician Michael Gallant, who has boiled down some remarkably clear (and actually useful!) advice he got while interviewing Cary Baker.

Baker has a ton of experience with musician and band bios- he used to be Vice President of Publicity over at Capitol Records, I.R.S. Records, as well as a variety of other labels – previously, he was a music journalist for publications like Billboard, Mix, and Creem.

Over the years Baker has settled on a structure that he says just plain works. This structure delivers important artist news effectively and also serves to capture and keep the reader’s attention throughout the bio or EPK.

It’s really interesting stuff and it’s probably an article you should print out and save to use as a go-to reference as you tweak your existing artist bio or when you create a new one.

Read the full article here…