ATTENTION: This is the "new music business" and you're the boss.

"Award Winning Recording Artist Shows Exactly How to Promote Your Music So Your Songs Finally Get Heard by Thousands of New Listeners." 

Let's not stop there. Getting your songs heard isn't going to be a problem. Let's create some buzz while we're at it.
Let's turn your new listeners into fans. 

In fact, you'll be able to watch and copy me as I create a real music promotion with The Blueprint to Getting Heard method.

Owen Critchley - Blueprint to Getting HeardFrom: Owen Critchley (Warner/LoudThud recording artist/producer. Creator of bestselling "Easy Home Recording Blueprint", "Blueprint to Getting Heard" and the "Getting Heard GOLD LIST")
RE: The Musician's Blueprint to Getting Heard.

Dear Fellow Musicians, Songwriters and Indie Promoters,

The growth of the internet represents the biggest opportunity for indie songwriters and recording artists in history.

So, if the net is such an historic opportunity for new music to be found and heard, why is it that 99% of the music that gets uploaded to artist sites and music pages remains un-found and un-heard?

There are actually very good reasons that most recording artists are pretty much anonymous online.

Here's Why Most Musicians Are Not Getting Heard

They don't know it, but the way most musicians are presenting themselves online is actually making it almost impossible for new listeners and fans to find them. 
Here, let me show you why using a little story:
This is Happening Right Now
Here's a scenario that is happening thousands of times every day.

Let's imagine a songwriter, musician or band. 

Let's call them "Artist A"

So, "Artist A" has just uploaded a new song to a music site or to their own website. 

They add a picture and type a few words on the song page. They write, "Artist A is back! Download our new song! Join our fan page! Buy our t-shirt!" 

Now imagine a music fan out there, looking around for cool new music. And this fan would be an absolutely perfect fan for "Artist A." 

Ok, sounds good right? Not so fast...

How is this fan ever going to find "Artist A?"

Think about it. What... are they going to find them by accident? That's not good enough.

You see, because "Artist A's" name is unknown to everyone, "Artist A" has not created effective ways for potential fans to find them. (just like most indie musicians out there.)

The truth is, "Artist A's" online music promotion is pretty much useless for attracting new fans who are looking for new music. So... unless "Artist A" starts using The Musician's Blueprint to Getting Heard, things aren't going to change for them anytime soon.

You can start using the Blueprint to Getting Heard method to promote your music todayBut the great news is...

You can begin right now promoting your music the right way.

Here's Why You Will Be Found AND Heard

"The Blueprint to Getting Heard" is about leading new listeners and fans directly to your songs.
How to Promote Music

The Blueprint to Getting Heard will show you simply, step-by-step,
how to promote music the right way by creating an online presence
that literally can't help being found AND heard.

Don't just promote... let's build a fan base that grows
The Blueprint is going to show you how to keep those listeners coming back so you can build a true fan base. Once you do that, everything becomes possible and a real music career can finally get started. 
It's a step by step system that ties everything together and shows you how to promote music in a way that finally makes sense and becomes stronger and more effective every week you have it in place. 
This is the "new music industry" and it's time indie musicians, songwriters and promoters market their songs to take advantage of the unprecedented opportunities that now exist. 
The old methods of getting exposure just aren't going to cut it anymore.

The Musicians Blueprint to Getting Heard is Based on the "Fan-Generating Machine" Method

How to Build a Fan-Generating Machine
1. You'll start by finding out exactly how to present you and your songs online.
* There are correct ways of doing this and it matters. In other words, The Blueprint will show you not only how your music pages should look but even more importantly...

The Blueprint to Getting Heard will show you exactly what to say on your music pages to attract tons of listeners and fans to you and your music.
promotion for musicDid you know that what you say and how to say it on your music pages and sites can mean the difference between thousands of new listeners every month or almost none?

This is important stuff and The Blueprint will tell you exactly what to say and how to set that up perfectly for all the sites and music pages where you upload your songs, so they are found by people all over the world.

Even better, you will be one of the very few musicians using this technique, so you will immediately "stand up and stand out" from the crowd.
2. The Blueprint to Getting Heard will show you how to clearly see the "big picture" of your music career goals and then laser-target everything you do towards making that big picture a reality.

promotion for musicThere is great power in knowing exactly what needs to done and how to do it. This focuses your efforts and saves time because you'll only be spending time on music and song promotion techniques that work.   
3. After the Blueprint shows you how to get your songs heard that's when the really cool stuff begins:
Like finding out how to promote your music and creating your online pages so all your new listeners WANT to come back, and feel "involved" in your music future, and have the feeling that they "can't wait to find out what happens next" with you, your band and your songs. *You'll also find out the things you may be doing now (most musicians are) that actually drives fans away.
4. You will see that by repeating the simple methods in The Blueprint to Getting Heard again and again, all over the net, you'll be able to super-charge your Fan Generating Machine, by pointing everything you do online back to your songs and music.

"Now we're talking. THIS is how to promote music in the 21st century"

"How Do I Know The Musician's Blueprint to Getting Heard Method Works?"

Because you can watch as I create and put into motion real music promotions

Song test-promotion using The Blueprint method 

Once you download The Musician's Blueprint to Getting Heard, inside you'll see an impressive
real world song promotion test of the simple steps in the Blueprint music and band promotion methods. 

This is going to be powerful stuff for getting your songs, music or band heard.

This is NOT about advertising.  

Who the heck wants to pay for listeners via advertising? No way. This is better than advertising because we are pointing fans to something they already are looking for... new music.

The Musician's Blueprint to Getting Heard leads new listeners to your songs organically. The Blueprint method is about putting your uploaded songs and music sites right in front of
listeners who are actively looking for music like yours.

how to promote music

"The Musician's Blueprint to Getting Heard is just that... a plan, a way, a map to follow so that you can then show others (many others) how they can find your music and why they should listen."

Want to Get Started?
Hold On, I've Added Something Special for You Today

promotion for music Important Bonus Today
One of my most prized tools for getting heard:

How to promote your songs

It's called The Getting Heard GOLD LIST  and you will get it free today with your download of The Blueprint to Getting Heard.

"What is The GOLD LIST?"

A simple, powerful and free method for how to promote music that even the big labels haven’t really figured out yet.
The Getting Heard GOLD LIST is a list of very specific, very powerful words and phrases that you add to your online bios and song descriptions that literally lead listeners and fans directly to your songs
A GOLD LIST phrase can only make it on ”The Getting Heard GOLD LIST” if it passes 2 very important tests:
1. A phrase has to show that it is used at least hundreds of times a month by fans and music lovers who are searching for new music. *Actually, most phrases on the list ended up showing THOUSANDS of actual fan-searches per month! That’s because after the extensive research to went into The GOLD LIST, I went through it again and hand picked the phrases that would be absolute most useful to you.
2. Each phrase has to show amazingly low competition. “Low competition” is a good thing. A very good thing. It means there are very few sites using these very special phrases to describe their “content” (i.e. music). It means every time you include one of these phrases on a page of your site(s) your song will very quickly vault to the top of search results for that phrase, and more importantly,
you will scoop up most of the fans who use one of these phrases to search for new music.
"The Getting Heard GOLD LIST" sells separately but it will be yours FREE today and will be included in your download of The Musician's Blueprint to Getting Heard.

The GOLD LIST is designed to work with your Blueprint to Getting Heard and will add serious juice to your music, song, and band promotions. 
I know you'll love it and I'm happy to give it to you today.

Sample shot from "The Getting Heard GOLD LIST"
The Getting Heard GOLD LIST
But that's not all.
Those of you who own other bestselling Blueprint guides know there's always more...
When you take action today, I am happy to eliminate any bit of risk with my.....
The Famous Blueprint Guarantee

Sound Good?

The Blueprint to Getting Heard

You know what? Let's Add More
How About Lifetime Access to My New Step-by-Step
"How to Promote Music" Videos

music promotion video

(As soon as you download The Blueprint, you'll get your password for lifetime access to this valuable step-by-step Blueprint music promotion video series)

"I'm Ready. Give Me The Blueprint Right Now"

Ok, NOW We're All Set.
Let's Get Started Promoting Your Music

In today's Blueprint to Getting Heard package you will get:

Book 1 and Book 2 (Building A Fan Generating Machine), The Getting Heard GOLD LIST, and the "copy-me-as-you-go" Blueprint music promotion videos. 
In this course package you'll learn:
How to effectively create and build your online presence so it is found by thousands of listeners searching for new music
How to "stand up and stand out" from 99% of other indie musician online music promotions  - even if you've never promoted music online before
Watch a real music promotion using The Blueprint method and then copy it to get your own music heard
A trick that almost no musicians know about online to increase your fan base like crazy
How to put the 4 Pillars of promoting music into place - 1. Make, 2. Market, 3. Get Heard,
4. Create Buzz
A list  of hundreds of secret phrases that will lead thousands of new listeners to your online music
And a whole lot more. You'll see...
This Special Edition of The Blueprint to Getting Heard shows musicians how to realistically
take control of all these pieces of the puzzle, without needing the participation of a record label.  
The opportunity to get your music heard in this new music industry has arrived.
It’s right here, right now. 
However, you have to know where you’re going and how to get there. You just need to
open up and start the Blueprint and follow the system... it's as simple as that.


You won't have to be a rocket scientist to promote songs, music or your band online using the Blueprint method
You'll never need to pay for advertising... ever
The Blueprint to Getting Heard method won't take a ton of your time
Even if you're new to cutting edge online music promotion, it'll actually be easier and quicker for you

Blueprint to Getting Heard discount

* Please realize that this is a Special Offer.

You've arrived here today in time to take advantage of a special price for both "Blueprint to Getting Heard" books (including "Building a Fan-Generating Machine"), as well as "The Getting Heard GOLD LIST" and special lifetime access to the Blueprint's "How to Promote Music Online" step by step videos.

This is the Premium Edition of the Blueprint to Getting Heard and is regularly priced at $47. (A great deal for this great suite of online music promotion tools.)

So, is it $47 today? No.

Is it $37? That would be nice... but no. 

I'm really happy to make it an easy decision for you to immediately be part of the great Blueprint music community.

I'd like you to get started right away finally promoting your songs effectively.

Today the The Blueprint to Getting Heard Premium Edition is just $27 and ready for instant download with lifetime membership and access.

I know you'll love being a Blueprint artist. 

However, if you come back and this price is gone, there's nothing I can do...

"I'm ready now to get my songs and music heard"

"Why Today?"

When it comes down to it, you will decide whether get songs playedyou want to get organized and finally put into place an effective step-by-step plan to get your music out there and heard by thousands of new listeners and fans.

All I can tell you is this:

The Blueprint to Getting Heard method is really the only effective and realistic way for indie musicians and songwriters to promote music online and be ready to take advantage of the thousands of new opportunities in the "new music industry."

I can't say whether this is for you, but I do know that before you arrived here today, you have probably been chasing your tail, frustrated, trying to figure out how to promote your music so it is really found and heard consistently... day in and day out. 

You want your songs heard, not by one or two people, but by thousands of new listeners.

And I hope you're not the type who feels that it's necessary to figure out how to promote music all by yourself.

But I don't believe that's the case. I believe that you're here because you want a plan and a method to get your music heard that works. 

Maybe you're tired of asking one person at a time to listen to your songs.

I created the Blueprint to Getting Heard, because there was like nothing like it available for musicians and I will prove how effective The Blueprint method is by showing you real music promotions starting from scratch. 

That means you can copy my promotions exactly for your own music, band or artist promotions.

I spent thousands of hours refining it and testing it with many songs and releases.

I can safely say that I would rather trust my song promotions to the Blueprint than the record labels I work with.

The point is, I've done a lot of the hard work for you, so you can simply get up and running with something that works.

I'm still going to give you 60 days to try it out, and if you don't feel The Musician's Blueprint to Getting Heard is for you, just ask for a refund.

So now you have two choices...

You can keep chasing your tail, remain frustrated, continuing to upload your music everywhere hoping you get a different result...


You can grab your copy of the step-by-step Musician's Blueprint to Getting Heard for just
$47 ($27 today) and get ready to transform ability to get found and get heard.

If you're serious about navigating the "new music industry," it's not a difficult choice.

Yes Owen! I'm ready to
"Get found, Get heard, Right now."

   I understand that the Musician's Blueprint to Getting Heard method has the complete backing of a 60 day money back guarantee with no risk to me.

   I know that once I put the entire Blueprint method into play I will see results and finally start building a real fan base.

   I'm getting the complete Premium Edition course, as a one time investment and I can download it and get started right away.

   I am ready to follow your step by step, online music promotion methods... Let me in!

Musician's Blueprint to Getting Heard
Regular Price $47 Today $27

Goods and services provided by
Sold by ClickBank Inc., Boise, ID USA.

The Blueprint to Getting Heard is just 27 bucks today, and that's it, no monthly subscription...

I don't know about you, but for way less than a couple of mic cables, isn't it worth putting the Blueprint method to work for you and finally move towards a real music career with real listeners and fans?

Once you become a Blueprint artist you'll see actual song promotions using the Blueprint method so you'll know you'll be able to get your songs found and heard.

P.S. Remember, The Blueprint to Getting Heard method works for any style of music and any type of artist. There ARE fans searching every day for your style of music. Use the Blueprint to find them and lead them straight to your tunes.

P.P.S. The Premium Edition of The Blueprint to Getting Heard is: 

  • BOOK 1 - How to look "behind" the web and view the behavior of fans and listeners on the internet so you can  use this inside knowledge to predict fans’ behavior and direct thousands of them to your songs and music. 
  • How to create an online “Fan Generating Machine”
  • BOOK 2 - Super-charging your Fan Generating Machine. How to communicate to make fans "plug-in" and connect to you, your songs and your music career. 
  • Creative, effective and simple song promotions you can use right away.
  • The Getting Heard GOLD LIST - A simple, powerful and free method of promotion for music that even the big labels haven’t really figured out yet. Hundreds of secret phrases that will lead thousands of listeners searching for new music, to your songs.
  • New Step-By-Step "copy-me-as-you-get-heard" Videos (Coming very soon. *You will receive your password now so you're ready to go as soon as the videos are up)
Yes Owen, I'm ready to get found and heard now!

That's it from me. Here's to you starting the cutting edge Blueprint method for how to promote music in the new music industry. 

Talk soon!

Owen Critchley
Warner/LoudThud recording artist/producer
Creator of the bestselling Easy Home Recording Blueprint,
The Musician's Blueprint to Getting Heard and The Getting Heard GOLD LIST


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