Nice Easy Trick for Playing Solos On Guitar

I was recording at my home studio (For home recording tips sign up over on the right), when I got a surprise visit from guitar great “Davy Boy” Fitzsimmons. We went outside to catch up and we started chatting about some easy tips he has gathered for playing guitar solos. Luckily I had my iPhone on me, and I was able to film a really cool (and very easy) guitar solo tip Davy Boy showed me based on combining major and minor pentatonic scales to take solos in some surprising directions.

Here’s 4 minutes worth of some real gems Davy shared about something he has noticed that some of the Blues legends, like BB King, have always turned to for their solos:

More Guitar Scale Pattern Tricks

John Boettcher has a ton more and has really mined this guitar scale patterns territory effectively and shares some real guitar soloing treasures in his videos here: