Home Recording Videos

“If you have a computer, and free recording software, I can show you how to make pro-quality records”

Owen Critchley Warner, LoudThud recording artist/producer
Author of Easy Home Recording Blueprint

Popular videos spreading the word about “Easy Home Recording Blueprint” and just how possible pro-quality sound is just using your home computer and the step-by-step Easy Home Recording Blueprint method beside you.

UPDATE: Owen Critchley’s New Video “Keep Looking For Me” Released (recorded using Easy Home Recording Blueprint – LoudThud Records)

1. A music mix of award winning songs recorded using the Easy Home Recording Blueprint

2. This video is of Billboard award winning song, “Before the Waves Come”

It was recorded with the exact step by step methods contained in the “Easy Home Recording Blueprint”.

3. “Messing With Guitar Sound”

This video shows just how simple it to get any guitar sound or style using the Easy Home Recording Blueprint method.

No pedals, external hardware or extra equipment needed.