Guitar for Beginners – How to Get Playing Guitar Quickly

What Learning Guitar Can Mean For Your Songwriting And Music Career

guitar for beginnerby Owen Critchley
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Finding and taking a good online beginner’s guitar course

Let’s talk about something that is an important before we even start making that great sounding recording: I’m talking about having a great song to record in the first place. And let’s talk about how even having guitar for beginner skills can make all the difference in truly capturing those great song ideas in your head.

Is Learning Guitar Useful for Writing all Styles of Music? Yes. Here’s Why…

The sheer portability and affordability of the guitar is what makes it the perfect tool for the budget conscious independent songwriter/arranger, in any style. Whether you’re going over your new song with your band or partners at home, in the studio, or on a bus for that matter, your guitar can be right there to easily capture and translate your vision of what you want your song’s rhythm, chords and mood to be.

The guitar is a musical instrument, but did you know that it is also classified as a percussion instrument? This makes it the ideal tool for translating your song ideas, their all important mood and rhythm… whether you’re writing rap songs, rock songs or anything in between. Think about it.

Yes it’s true, that someone who doesn’t play an instrument at all can write a great song. But that person will end up, at some point, surrendering control of their song to others. They, in effect, are rolling the dice… because it will be the musicians who end up actually choosing the chords and music that will support the song. Remember, no matter what style of song, it is the chords that determine the whole mood, motion and vibe of a song.

Picking up a few guitar for beginner type skills is so easy to do, so why on earth would we risk the whole mood of our song in the hands of others? The answer of course is, we wouldn’t.

Guitar for Beginner – What’s the Best Way to Learn Quickly?

Even the biggest hits and best songs are based on just a few chords. Knowing this, presents you with a huge and profound opportunity. What it means is that even if we embrace a simple and effective method learn the key secrets to playing guitar, we will have in effect, learned the “language” of all good song writing.

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A few simple guitar chords allow you to speak the “language” of song writing and arrangement

If you choose the right type of lesson method, that is clear and enjoyable, you can be playing good basic guitar in just a matter of days. Ok, so what is the best method to learn guitar for beginner?

The best online guitar lessons I have seen are Jamorama (really quite amazing) and a program that is actually brand new to the web, Crash Course Muso.

I have found time and again, that the best and fastest way to get someone playing and sticking with the guitar, is to get them playing real songs, right away. These are the folks who most often will recognize and more importantly, believe, that playing guitar is something they can do. It’s how I learned, and looking back, I don’t remember thinking of it as “work” or even something I had to learn. I just remember how quickly I picked it up. It just seemed natural to be able to play. Now I know that it wasn’t me, but instead, it was the way the guitar was introduced to me. I’ll always be grateful that my first teacher let me dive right in by playing my favorite songs.

The motivation to stick with it that comes from playing real music in just a few days, cannot be understated. I mean, there aren’t too many things in life that are more exciting than learning something new in just a few days, and to watch yourself get better and better as each week goes by.

Both Jamorama and Crash Course Muso Guitar for Beginner, use a series of  high definition (HD), short, easy and fun videos that literally have students up and running in minutes. I was particularly impressed with the fact that these programs understand, and have been able to capture in an online guitar course, the method that has given birth to most of the best guitarists: That is, having someone who trusts the new student enough to let him grab the wheel and with just a little direction, start playing real music, right away.

I was lucky enough to learn how to play guitar this way, and I’m really glad to see that someone else gets it. Phill Mason of Crash Course Muso and the team of pro guitar players at Jamorama, have put in an incredible amount of work and obvious care in creating these short, easy to follow, HD videos to make the process fun and effortless for his students.

I checked out both programs fully, because a lot of my own students in my Easy Home Recording Course ask me if i can recommend the best guitar for beginner course online. I felt I owed them a decent answer so I had a long look at both Jamorama (probably the biggest online guitar for beginner course) and Crash Course Muso. All I can say is I was very impressed by both and I have no hesitation in recommending either one. I guess my advice to you is to have a look around at each of their websites and go with your gut. They’re both really good, so there is no wrong decision.

Get Started for Free Playing Good Beginner Acoustic Guitar or Electric Guitar

The guitar for beginner crash course that Phill Mason has put together as well as Jamorama’s course are free to join and get you started viewing some of their videos and learning the first few guitar playing tips, tricks and cheats. Their students are fortunate enough to be taking advantage of a true fast track to playing guitar. And for my students, also creating better, more successful recording artists and songwriters. So I’d like to thank both these programs for that.

Read more about Jamorama here.

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