Garageband How to Fade In and Fade Out

by Owen Critchley
Recording artist/Producer

Once the new Garageband user finds the “Track Volume Timeline” he or she realizes what an elegant little tool it is. garageband how to fadeHowever, with the track volume timeline in Garageband, how to fade is only one of the benefits that becomes apparent to the new user. He or she soon realizes that this function is the key to how Garageband has incorporated a surprisingly useful and unique approach to automated mixing.

Garageband – How to Fade In and Fade Out Using the “Track Volume Timeline”

First let’s find the Track Volume Timeline in Garageband. Each track we create has a series of icons in a row under the track name. After the headphone and padlock icons, the final icon is an arrow pointing up. Click on this arrow and the Track Volume button is revealed. Click on it to activate the timeline.

garageband how to fade

As you can see, there is a blue shaded “volume timeline” under the entire length of the track. With this volume timeline in Garageband, how to fade in or out, and how to make fine volume adjustments throughout a performance, is as easy as clicking the timeline to create a volume marker at the exact desired position of the track.

Create volume markers at the beginning and end of each section that needs a volume adjustment. For example, use this function to catch performance volume spikes.

A few things to keep in mind:

  • Once the Track Volume Timeline is activated, the panning control is taken offline.
  • To re-engage your track’s panning control, simply turn off the Track Volume temporarily while you make your desired pan placement adjustment.

Garageband – how to fade and how to remix Garageband. Advanced tips and tricks to take your recording to pro level… fast

In my book, “Easy Home Recording Blueprint,” I have much more detail than I can go into here, about some very big league sounding automated mixing tricks you can easily achieve using the Garageband Track Volume Timeline. Using just this unique little tool in Garageband, I created an incredibly complex automated mix for my song, “Taste An Escape” which was used in the TV series Roadtrip Nation.

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