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Song: “Before The Waves Come”

I didn’t set out to write emo songs that make you cry, but apparently, judging by the reaction to the character of Melanie in Billboard Song award winning song, “Before The Waves Come,”  it has definitely become one of those songs.

emo songs that make you cry

Frame from upcoming video of Before The Waves Come

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“Who Is Melanie?”

This is definitely the #1 question I receive from people after they hear Before The Waves Come.

Now that I’ve lived with this song for a while, I guess Melanie is a combined personality or symbol of many of the women that are, or have been part of my life. The song may well fall into the category of Emo Songs That Make You Cry, and that’s cool with me… but I think I’m more likely to put it in the Songs About Loneliness category.

All the women I’ve ever met seem to have a shared air of loneliness that always accompanies each of their differing personalities. In other words, I guess the character of “Melanie” is like an icon who represents all women that I’ve known.

songs about loneliness

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How emo songs that make you cry, got me Punk’d by my own crew

Here’s a funny story that goes with the recording of these songs, that I’ll share with you. Like I said, even though I didn’t set out to write so called emo songs that make you cry, according to the crew around me, that’s exactly what I have done with a couple of my new songs.

You see, my crew and I always look for clever ways to rip on each other. So, when we all got together to rehearse these songs, they had obviously met beforehand, without me, and decided to make sure I got “punk’d” for these emo songs that I had written..

The crew decided to break into a chorus of absolutely hilarious sobbing and wailing as I began earnestly playing the song to show them the chords and arrangement.

I tried not to laugh, but when I made the mistake of glancing up at them and saw that two of them were holding each other and another was under the table weeping and sucking his thumb… that was the end of me. I collapsed in a fit of laughter until I had to pretty much beg them to stop.

Actually I just like to think I write songs about life…

Frame 3 from upcoming video for Before The Waves Come

Like I said, I never set out to try to write in a particular style. If I like the song, I’ll release it no matter what genre. I listen and appreciate too many artists to think much about genres and styles.

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“Who is Daniel?”

I guess the character of Daniel in “Before The Waves Come” represents every guy who is ultimately helpless in understanding what goes on in the depths of a woman’s heart. He stands ready to help, to be sure, but her world is her own.

songs about relationships

Frame 5 from upcoming video for Before The Waves Come

Songs about relationships, emo songs that make you cry or just songs about life… they will be written by songwriters forever, I guess.

songs about relationships

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