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Owen Critchley’s worldwide collaboration with home recording artists
Grammy award winning mastering engineer Brad Blackwood gets involved in collab

Canadian producer/recording artist, Owen Critchley, has created a unique mass collaboration of home recording artists from all over the world who were invited to contribute specific parts for a new Critchley penned song, "Do You Stand in Love?" written specifically for this project.

Owen Critchley's worldwide collaboration with home recording artists

The collaboration attracted submissions from home recording artists all over the world representing many different genres and ranging in age from 11 to 70.

Recording artist/producer, Owen Critchley believes that we are witnessing the demise of the old major label business model and that it’s time for aspiring songwriters and musicians to finally take control of their art and embrace, acknowledge and take advantage of the unprecedented opportunity that has arisen in what he calls the New Music Industry. He cites the fact that home computers contain audio recording capabilities even professional recording studios only dreamed of just a few years ago.

As Critchley explains, "We are in uncharted waters, no doubt…

but what do you do when there’s no chart? You make one for yourself. Too many talented musicians and songwriters out there remain unheard because they still believe that the costs of creating and recording their music are going to cripple them. It seemed to me that the coolest way to prove to them that it doesn’t have to be that way was to show them how to record great sound simply and cheaply on their own computers and then invite everyone to record my new song with me."

Using his mailing list of fans, home recording artists, social media and websites, Owen Critchley issued an invitation to all to submit audio tracks for his song, “Do You Stand In Love?” written specifically for this project. A rough audio sketch of the song and groove was provided, along with instructions and loose suggestions for parts that could be recorded for the song.

Audio from Australia to NY, BC to LA, Baton Rouge to India, and everywhere in between came in, as this unique worldwide recording session took shape.

"To make it fun and get everyone’s juices flowing, I promised everyone I would release our recording worldwide. That did it. They were psyched to give this a try. The response and their enthusiasm was really inspiring. At that point I knew I was right; that this was all going to be very cool," explains Owen Critchley.

Grammy award winning mastering engineer, Brad Blackwood gets involved in collab

Someone else else thought it was a very cool idea as well: Grammy award winning mastering artist, Brad Blackwood (Black Eyed Peas, Maroon 5, Alison Krauss and Union Station.) Upon hearing about this remote mass home recording collab, Brad said, "Cool project!" When Critchley asked if he would like to master the completed mix, he didn’t hesitate. "Let’s do it."

Owen Critchley explains what happened next. "I was so pleased with the finished mix and the sound of Brad Blackwood’s master of the mix, that I decided to broaden the collaboration by getting everyone who contributed parts for the recording to submit video clips so I could create a music video as well for ‘Do You Stand in Love?’ (See video here)

Critchley continues, "I ended up realizing that this project is about more than just the audio. I found I was captivated and couldn’t help imagining and trying to picture all these amazing, interesting and diverse people around the world. It dawned on me that listeners and fans of the song would be feeling the same thing and that they would really enjoy actually seeing the faces and locations of the people who contributed to this recording.

It became obvious to me that I was going to need to have some visuals to go with this song."

Worldwide home recording collaboration (Washington) Worldwide home recording collaboration (California)

Critchley sent out another email to all those involved and invited them to submit pictures and video clips from around the world based on the lyrics and spirit of the song.

Critchley concludes, "I look at the "Do You Stand in Love?" project like a message in a bottle that we have composed that we can float out together to the rest of the world. What is the message? Well, as I had hoped, this project is a message and clarion call to everyone that musicians and songwriters artists can make professional sounding home recordings. (To emphasize this, I deliberately used Garageband to record and mix this project, which is very simple, basically free recording software.) And this project is also a message to musicians about what they can and should now do on their own without the stifling influence of major entertainment corporations involved.

Worldwide home recording collaboration (Toronto) Worldwide home recording collaboration (Baton Rouge)

But, you know, there is something that I didn’t expect about this collaboration: It is also message of peace and affirmation sent from a hugely diverse, positive and heartfelt cross section of voices from our world."

Worldwide home recording collaboration (Owen Critchley receiving submissions)

About Owen Critchley

Former Warner Music recording artist, Owen Critchley has recorded songs for TV, film, cd release both as a major label artist and as an independent musician/songwriter. His songs have been covered by a variety of recording artists/performers. Critchley was born in Canada but raised in Bermuda. "I spent my whole childhood and teen years trying to figure out a way to get back to Canada. I do love Bermuda and it has almost entirely shaped the way I approach music and I’m so thankful for that, but at the same time Canada was this almost mythic place and I felt its absence in my life on a visceral level. When I realized that songwriting, recording and performing was my ticket back to Canada, I jumped at the chance."


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