The Cell Ring Tone – How Indie Musicians Can Take Advantage of New Earning Opportunities

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Cell ring tone? New opportunities? What am I on about?

For indie musicians, something interesting is happening on your way to a career in music. Instead of heading down that age old road with the single goal of getting signed to a record label, (whose role in the new music business has decreased to say the least,) musicians now have a thousand paths they can travel to a career in music.

In the uncharted territory that is today’s music industry, the good news is the same as the bad news. And this good news/bad news is?

You’re on your own and you will have to do it yourself.

Plucking one example from the new environment, we don’t have to look any further than the cell ring tone. Who would have thought even 5 years ago that a downloadable ring tone would represent a way for a musician to earn a living from his or her music?

And yet, with the rapid rise of Myxer, now the most popular ring tone vendor, this is exactly what has happened. Hundreds of thousands of music fans now show their love of their favorite songs by flocking to Myxer to download cell ring tone versions of them. With Myxer’s rapidly expanding partnerships with recording artists big and small, and large entertainment corporations, the opportunity this represents for indie musicians can’t be ignored.

Why is this so significant?

Multiple entertainment devices = multiple sales of the same song to the same listener

Read that again… “multiple sales of the same song to the same listener.” In the past and right up to relatively recently, a listener had 2 methods of listening to music: hear the song on the radio and then buy the song for their cd player. Therefore, for the recording artist, the relationship with the listener was complete. i.e. hear song, sell song… transaction complete. Now, however, that same listener may want that same song to be available on the many listening devices they own. And many of these devices use different audio file formats for playback. So… “multiple sales of the same song to the same listener.”

You see, we tend to take the extraordinary for granted, but by doing that, indie musicians have to be careful not to miss the opportunities all around them.

My cell ring tone experiment with MYXER

Proof that the ring tone can be serious business for the indie musician

A few short months ago, I joined Myxer the downloadable ring tone provider, and I uploaded a song of mine to see if this was a realistic income opportunity for the aspiring recording artists who are using my Easy Home Recording Blueprint (now the bestselling home recording method in the vendor’s catalog.)

As part of the experiment I didn’t do a thing to promote the song I uploaded to Myxer. I assumed it would become buried under the thousands of other ringtones available at Myxer.

I went back to check on the progress of my little 30 second ring tone snippet as I was preparing this article. I was more than a little shocked and amazed to see that the song currently has been downloaded almost 5000 times… woah.

Have a look:

Cell ring tone - an experiment in music promotion

Cell ring tone - an experiment in music promotion

Now, multiply each of these downloads by however much the price you set for the cell ring tone, and you can see that this becomes a very useful part of an indie musician’s earning opportunities.

An account at Myxer also allows a personal text message from the artist to accompany each ring tone download. This allows further promotional opportunities as you direct your new ring tone listener to your website or to your online music, merchandise and/or live show ticket store. or you can simply direct your ring tone listener to sign up to your fan list.

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