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The Viral Music Player – How it works and Who’s Using It

Finding Your Fans. Recently I’ve been talking about a tool for musicians called the Viral Music Toolkit and music player. As you’ve heard me say many times, “…this is a new music industry and it is largely unmapped territory” Every so often a tool will capture my interest, especially when a new tool or technique [...]

How to Write a Good Artist Bio – A Structure That Works

So You’re Filling Out Your Bio on a Music Site or EPK (electronic press kit)… Writing my artist or band bio is something I have never enjoyed – probably because I never felt I was very good at it. I always sit there – first – wondering where to start: “I was born in a….” [...]

Is your guitar playing affecting your chances to get your recordings chosen for film and TV licensing opportunities?

by Owen Critchley LoUdtHud producer/recording artist “About your playing…” In today’s post, I’m going to give you one of the best pieces of advice that was ever given to me. The advice was not that big a deal to act on, but the effect it had on the success of my recordings surely was big. [...]

Get Them to Press Play – How and Why You Should Have Awesome Band and Profile Pictures

Do you have a profile picture that will get them to press your play button? Why you can (and should) have a striking, attention grabbing profile picture as part of your plan for getting your music heard (and how you can learn quickly how to do it yourself) by Owen Critchley LoUdtHud producer/recording artist autor [...]

The Professional Quality Mini Recording Studio – The easiest way yet to record your songs

A True Studio Quality Home Recording Setup That Fits in Your Backpack In This Post: 1. The exact, very affordable, equipment to put together a MINI recording setup and still get big studio recording quality 2. We’ll listen to song examples recorded by some artists using this simple totally portable recording setup     by [...]

Recording Vocals Over a Backing Track Part 3

Page 3 of Tips for adding vocals to a pre-recorded stereo backing track: (For Page 1 go here) How to make your vocal sit naturally within a pre-recorded/pre-mixed backing track // First, listen (a few times) to the overall “color” (or EQ) of the pre-recorded track, and then approach the EQ of the vocal so [...]

Recording Vocals Over a Backing Track Part 2

Page 2 of Tips for adding vocals to a pre-recorded stereo backing track: (For Page 1 go here) I’ll jot down some steps for making your added vocal sound like it is really part of a pre-recorded backing track after this thought about compression: Pre-recorded backing tracks are often already compressed, and maybe already mastered. [...]

Recording Vocals Over a Backing Track Part 1

Tips for adding vocals to a pre-recorded stereo backing track: Are pre-recorded, fully pre-mixed karaoke type backing tracks ever useful? If so, what sorts of projects would one use them for? Obviously, if you are doing totally original songs or original versions of songs, you are going to want to create your own unique instrumentation [...]

Home Recording Acoustic Guitar

Hi everyone, Watch the video above for tips on easily recording a nice fat sounding acoustic guitar – but first – grab your free home recording lessons over on the right so you can see if you’re ready to get your songs sounding the way they should with the Easy Home Recording Blueprint method >> [...]

Write Better Songs – Songwriting tips part 1

In This Edition We Need Quality and Quantity of Songs. Why? How Your Song’s Message, Ideas and Intentions Are Communicated How can I write better songs that consistently connect with listeners? Unlocking the songwriting lessons that live inside all successful songs Click to Download Free Report – Anthony Ceseri’s Techniques From the Hits Vol. 1 [...]