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buy beatsby Owen Critchley
Warner/LoudThud recording artist
Author of Easy Home Recording Blueprint

Buy Beats – Worldwide Collaboration Era Has Now Begun

My Beats365 Test: I’ve been having a ball messing around with the over 100,000 beats over at Beats365 created by top hip hop producer Nebula 3. We took a straight up beat and blended it with a Sex Pistols type guitar riff and added a vocal by a young Reggae Dancehall singer.

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Test Recording #1
(Using loops, beats and sounds we edited a selection together for you. Using a beat and sound collection as big as this is bound to get your ideas flowing and expand the styles of song you can do)

You see, when I buy beats like the massive choice of bed tracks, beats and sounds in this catalog, it instantly gets me going and trying different directions with my songwriting and recording. With access to thousands of grooves, beats and sounds, the possibilities are mind boggling and impossible to predict. How cool is that? Like the hybrid of styles we created above.
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Test Recording #2 Using BEATS365“Wall of Vocals Over House Style Beat”

Having A Good Collection of Beats and Sounds at Your Fingertips Busts You Right Out of Your Rut

Home recording artists have suddenly become a powerful creative force and are driving what is rapidly becoming a golden age for independent and so-called unsigned artists. Why? Never before have independent artists had access to many of the world’s top producers.

Understand this: when you buy beats, riffs, grooves or full bed tracks created and pre-recorded by a top producer, you are literally and actually co-producing your indie project with them. No asking and begging them to get involved with your career because now you can “work” with them at will. Any time you want.

I Often Will Buy Beats From Top Producer Collections. Can You Recognize the Beat After the Song is Done?¬† Of Course Not… It is Now Simply a Part of My Original Music or Film Score.

By the time you lay your unique song and added tracks on top of these studio quality beats, do your edits and mixing, make no mistake, you will have a created a truly original work.

100,000 beats, sounds and grooves of Beats365

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