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For our featured acoustic female artists, we'll start with 22 year old Clare, who is a prolific young songwriter but is new to home recording. In fact, before discovering the Easy Home Recording Blueprint method, she figured she would never be able to record herself and hear a decent recording of her songs.

For her first home recording using the methods in The Recording Blueprint, she decided to start with a simple acoustic guitar version of Aqualung's "Brighter Than Sunshine." 

acoustic female artists

Clare - "Brighter Than Sunshine" (Cover)

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Clare recorded this song during her first hour after downloading Easy Home Recording Blueprint. She felt that if she could get a good sound with a single vocal and guitar, then she would then be able to add more layers with confidence.

Easy Home Recording Blueprint Acoustic Female Artists
A Conversation With Clare:

Clare gave us these thoughts as we were discussing what using the Recording Blueprint has meant to her: "There are two things about the Blueprint Recording method that turned things around for me right away. The first is obviously how the Blueprint shows how to get professional sound using such simple equipment. That meant that I didn't have to spend a bunch of money on equipment that I would then have to learn how to use. 

The second was the section on EQ (equalization.) It's the first time EQ has been explained clearly to me. I really feel like I understand finally how to make sounds work together. I can't wait to start recording my next song with even more layers using the tips and tricks in the Home Recording Blueprint."

Thanks Clare. Good for you for submitting to our Acoustic Female Artists Page. It means a lot to me that The Blueprint is helping to get new voices like yours heard. I'm looking forward to hearing more recordings from you.

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  Success Using Easy Home Recording Blueprint

  • Music licensed for use in TV series "Roadtrip Nation"
  • Song included on compilation featuring indie and major label artists
  • Song "held" for consideration for use by established Nashville artist

 The Easy Home Recording Blueprint Method:  
Quote of the Day...

"Song gets in your head. Beautifully recorded... done with emotion. I love that..."

- jim07


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