Warner Brothers, Hi-Bias, Muse, Capitol, A&M, Audio Socket recording artist
Owen Critchley, has released his music all over the facebook viagra world and written
music for major label as well as indie artists.


Owen Critchley’s collaboration with home recording artists around the world, “Do You Stand In Love?” released.

Listen to the special master of “Do You Stand In Love?” by Grammy award winning mastering artist, Brad Blackwood.

About Owen Critchley:

Billboard Music Award winner 2009
Song of the Year Award Winner
MIDEM featured song “Come to London”
“Taste An Escape” featured on U.S. network tv series
Muse (Europe) releases “Come to London” in Europe
“Everything Good” covered by two Nashville recording artists

Owen’s songs are regularly licensed for use in movies, television,
video games etc. and recorded using his simple home studio recording methods.

About his eBook: “Easy Home Recording Blueprint”

It describes in detail the online ritalin viagra paypal simple recording methods and equipment Owen uses to record these successful songs.

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Featured Music recorded using the Easy Home Recording Blueprint Method

Featured Music recorded using the Easy Home Recording Blueprint Method