The 4 Steps Of An Indie Song Promotion


How To Give Your Song “Fan Momentum” Before It’s Even Released


An Indie Song Promotion Unfolding Right Now

Hoping a song gets heard is not a strategy. What a songwriter or musician really needs, is to be able remove the word hoping and replace it with, “I can expect my song will get heard.”


So, how can a songwriter or musician create an environment where they can confidently expect their song will be listened to and heard?


Songwriters and musicians must create a sense of need and necessity in their potential listeners and fans because this leads directly to the all-important feeling of anticipation in listeners and fans for an upcoming song release.


No matter what, a sense of anticipation is always… always what motivates and drives a person to want to experience or own something.


So, from a musician or songwriter’s point of view, being able to turn on this sense of  anticipation in people’s minds about a song release, is when a musician can expect their songs to get heard.


Here’s an example of a song promotion we started a week ago:

We used one of the techniques in The Musician’s Blueprint To Getting Heard and we were able to give this song real momentum – even before the song was uploaded.

So, by the time the song was live online, we fully expected a lot of listeners. And that’s exactly what happened.


As this page is being written, the song has gathered about


  • 850 FaceBook Likes for various posts we’ve made about the song, multiple comments and…
  • about 4000 listens/views on YouTube this week and…
  • sales of the song on iTunes etc have started (we won’t have a sales report from iTunes, GooglePlay etc until their next scheduled reporting period in a few months.)


Let’s look at the 4 steps we took to promote this song and how an audience was created for it.

(In fact, we were able to create such an energized audience that they ended up literally counting the days until the song was released – excited – with a real sense of anticipation to hear the song.)


STEP 1:  Well before uploading or releasing a song, always ask yourself and answer these 2 questions:


“What kind of song is it?”

“What kind of audience is probably going to like the song?”


Here are our answers to those questions for this song:

  • This song is a pop/rock song and happened to use baseball as a metaphor for teamwork and succeeding in life.
  • So, rather than blindly uploading the song and hoping the right audience of people would somehow find it, we decided to creatively pre-target music fans who also like baseball: Creatively pre-target? Yes. We set up something kind of unique and invited them to be part of the actual creation of the song’s recording.

The goal for this song was to think of a creative idea to get listeners anticipating it and interested in hearing it – before it was even released. The creative idea we came up with to get listeners involved in this song very early in its life, was to post an online invitation on Facebook, for people to record themselves on their mobile phones singing, shouting or chanting the chorus lyrics of the song. We promised that all the voices that came in would be added to the song’s final mix.


STEP 2: Once you have pre-targeted the right audience for your song and creatively sparked their interest for your upcoming song release, make sure to keep this audience interested by feeding their sense of anticipation by posting updates throughout the project – leading all the way up to the big day (the release).


STEP 3: Once the song is released, make it easy (and clear) for the audience to know where to click to go listen to the song.


Here is the Facebook post we’re running right now updating fans on the song’s release:

Or click the image below to see the post

facebook song promotion


STEP 4: Once the audience gets to the song’s listening/viewing page, make a clear path for them to own/buy the song.


Screenshots showing these 4 steps in action for this song promotion

– from creating an interested and motivated audience for the song, all the way to the song’s release and marketing the song for sale online.

Using The Musician's Blueprint To Getting Heard

Click here or the image above to see the song’s page where listeners are being sent



Musicians Blueprint GuidesThe Musician’s Blueprint Guides: From song creation to song promotion and release.

What becomes very clear with a totally indie song and promotion like this one, is that the whole project – from the song’s creation (recording) to its journey to getting heard – was guided entirely by 2 simple guides from The Musician’s Blueprint Series.

1. The first was The Easy Home Recording Blueprint Method – which was followed step by step to make a pro-quality recording and mix of this song – And how to do that using a very simple and incredibly cheap home recording setup.

2. To get this song heard by so many people, we simply followed The Musician’s Blueprint To Getting Heard step by step (especially the section in this Blueprint called, The Rapid Fan-Building Method). The Blueprint showed how to build a large audience of listeners and fans for this song, and how to make this audience active, interested and motivated to experience the song the minute it was uploaded and released.


When following The Musician’s Blueprint Guides, it’s always very cool to simply put the pieces in place and watch everything happen.

Get the Blueprint To Getting Heard Here Get both Musicians Blueprint guides here